Our Advanced Facility and Well-trained Employees

Ming Ming Aluminium Co., Ltd. adopts an automatic tilting gravity casting procedure, by which the molten metal can flow into the mould cavity smoothly and with low turbulence. This ensures the production of high-grade aluminium cast components applied in various industries. We strive to continuously innovate our production techniques and improve product precision.

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We also provide our employees with regular on-the-job training, so that our employees keep updated with the current know-how and exchange their experiences at work. Our advanced gravity casting procedure and well-trained employees ensure that we can keep our production up-to-date and satisfy customers with high-quality products, reasonable prices, and best services.

Ming Ming Aluminium Co., Ltd. is an international casting company with manufacturing facilities in Taiwan and China and serves customers from various countries.
Houli, Taichung

No. 5-3, Fumei Rd., Houli Dist., Taichung City 42152 Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Tel : +886-4-25585252
Fax : +886-4-25589998

The Changhua Coastal Industrial Park, Changhua
No. 16, Gongye W. 1st Rd., Lukang, Changhua County 50544, Taiwan (R.O.C.)
Tel : +886-4-7811800
Fax: +886-4-7811180


Zhongshan Mingming Aluminium Product Co., Ltd.
Baishai Industrial Area, Sanxiang, Zhongshan, Guangdong 528463, China
Tel : +86-760-86699866
Fax: +86-760-86680640